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To our new visitors --"Welcome!"
To our old friends -- "Welcome back!"  We've made some changes to our site.  We hope they'll be helpful.

Our primary goal here at Aabra Publishing is to present suspenseful stories about ordinary women who find themselves in extraordinary--sometimes seemingly impossible--situations, with no one to rely on but themselves.  These are stories that take place in many different parts of the world.  Regardless of the setting, however, the stories deal with universal themes that all women--no matter where they live--can understand and empathize with.

Our stories are about the kinds of struggles women face everywhere, every day.  They are about the struggles of the heart and mind.  Many are also about physical and emotional challenges: the challenges presented by nature, society, and fate.  Like all challenges, they can be overcome, but only when they are met with strength, endurance, and determination.  It is our belief that these traits characterize the essence of women everywhere.

In addition to their underlying menace and suspense, some of our stories will also bring an occasional smile to your lips and lightness to your heart.  Others will bring moments of sadness, moments of regret.  Some will bring anger and fear.  Some will bring pain.  But each, we hope, will carry with it the chill of terror, the tension of suspense, and the satisfaction of a battle well fought and a victory well won.

Additional information about Aabra Publishing, its purpose and goals can be found on Page 12 of this website.
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One of the most valuable things
We can do to heal one another
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Rebecca Falls

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